Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd Time's A Charm

Did you ever create a piece that just didn't want to be finished? When I made my card for the "Sketchy Card Swap" for the "In This House and Garden Group" there was something about it that I wasn't happy with. Something just didn't look right.The quote, which I loved, was too heavy at the bottom. The whole composition was not quite working for me. I agonized over it for a few days getting nowhere. All of a sudden out of nowhere, when I wasn't obsessing, this image popped into my head. After a little tweaking I came up with a card that I m completely happy with. I love it! I've stopped dreaming about it so I guess it's finally finished. Now when I look at the other card I think to myself "What were you thinking? It's all about the process, art takes time.


  1. I think it is funny how we can never predict when the creative muse will come to visit. I love that feeling when all of a sudden you have the creative recipe you have been looking for.

    Happy Monday. Boo hoo, it's still gray outside.


  2. yes, I have been there too! dreaming and tweaking, all part of the creative process!