Friday, June 25, 2010

"A Mad Tea Party" part two


"But rabbit." exclaimed Katey Alice, "Why can't we open the door?" The White Rabbit explained to her that only the Mad Hatter would be able to open the door for her. "Where do I find Him?" She asked. He told her to go sit on the bench in the forest garden and close her eyes until she heard his mad and wonderfully magical music. Then open her eyes and he would appear.


She hadn't been there but a few moments, when beautifully strange and wonderful music filled the air. She opened her eyes and there he was sitting across from her! His music was so magical and she listened for some time before she worked up the courage to ask him the question she had searched him out for.

Mad Music

"Mr. Hatter" she began, " my name is Katey Alice and I have been invited to Miss Vanessa's Tea Party and I need you to help me open the door." "I know who you are." he told her. "Miss Vanessa has sent me to escort you to her Party. It is a wonderful party that happens only once a year. Come with me and I will show you the way."


He took her by the hand and led her back the same path that she walked with Rabbit. When they reached the party door it opened easily and let them in.


There inside sat Rabbit already at the table hiding behind a book. "Again Rabbit! You pop up at all the right places." She laughed.


The Mad Hatter , behind a book of his own exclaimed, "Well are we going to visit or help ourselves to all this deliciousness?"


And so they did. Round and round they went sampling every delicious treat.


Every bite better than the last.


After tasting everything, and feeling quite full, the Mad Hatter proposed a toast to their fabulous hostess. "To the lovely Miss Vanessa for such an amazing feast. Every year gets better and better." he exclaimed with a sly smile on his face. "Till next year, Miss Katey Alice."


And in the blink of an eye he vanished! Miss Katey Alice knew that she would have to wait till next year to do it all again.


A huge thank you to Miss Vanessa of "A Fanciful Twist" for the chance to be part of her Mad Tea Party. I have learned so many new ways to enhance my photos thanks to this wonderful project. I have also gained a few new obsessions! I can not tell you how much fun this was, for me as well as my grand children and the wonderful Miss Karen.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a huge party!

Be sure to stop by this Saturday for a real treat. Miss Karen and I have put together a little story to help Miss Vanessa celebrate the annual Mad Tea Party! Our story begins at Miss Karen'S Blog, "A Scrapbook of Inspiration" then continues here. Don't miss all the fun. See you on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project from week 6 from the "Artistic Mother"

This sweet little plaque is the project from week 6 in the workshop section in the wonderful "Artistic Mother" book by Shona Cole. The photo is of my grandson Dylan. Dylan lives in Hawaii so I don't get to see him very often. Luckily he is spending the summer with his dad (my son) in Virginia. My other grandson, Colby, and I are taking a train ride to Virginia the end of July to have a boys (and Nana) great time!

Love this project. One grandchild plaque finished, two to go!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd Time's A Charm

Did you ever create a piece that just didn't want to be finished? When I made my card for the "Sketchy Card Swap" for the "In This House and Garden Group" there was something about it that I wasn't happy with. Something just didn't look right.The quote, which I loved, was too heavy at the bottom. The whole composition was not quite working for me. I agonized over it for a few days getting nowhere. All of a sudden out of nowhere, when I wasn't obsessing, this image popped into my head. After a little tweaking I came up with a card that I m completely happy with. I love it! I've stopped dreaming about it so I guess it's finally finished. Now when I look at the other card I think to myself "What were you thinking? It's all about the process, art takes time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Sketchy Card Swap

I am in the middle of a new project for the "In This House and Garden" Yahoo group. The idea is simple enough. Pick a card from a deck of playing cards and "sketch" a design for said card. This project was WAY out of my comfort zone. I am not exactly comfortable with drawing and sketching. I can't even get my stick figures to resemble anything close to stick figures. But I dove right in and gave it my best (?) effort. The size is small 1.75 by 3.5 and will be attached to a deck of cards. Each artist will do one or two cards and then make 54 copies to be divided and mailed out to each participant. Very cool, I end up with 54 amazing little works of art!

First I tried a Zentangle. Not crazy about it but I'll hang onto it anyway. Not sending this one in.

This is my version of the seven of hearts. I like this one much better. Simple and sweet.

This is my piece for the four of diamonds. I went back into my comfort zone and stamped away. I changed the bodies of the butterflies into diamond shapes. I think that this is a keeper. Like I said, this was out of my comfort zone, but a good exercise working in a new (for me) format.