Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With a Little Help From My Friends

   I have a wonderful little group of friends that get together now and then for a day of art. This day we were headed to a local exhibit. After filling ourselves with inspiration we headed back to my place to spend an artful few hours creating something awesome. They eventually decided to to help me with a swap I was working on for the "In This House and Garden" art group I belong to on Yahoo. 

  The project was titled "Meet the Artist". It is an ATC with an original unaltered photo of your face. Body is up to the individual. Since my life right now is all about trying to be super nana and whatever art I can sneak in, that's what I went for.

   My friend Karen always comes up with something wonderful to make with my little Kate. They are totally kindred spirits.

   Making 20 ATC's takes a lot of cutting of many little pieces. Having great friends to help made it a lot of fun.

    I have to thank Miss Connie Freedman for this fabulous idea. I was very uncomfortable putting my face with my artwork but I worked through it and I must say that I really like "Nanalicious".