Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get back to work!

I've been busy, lazy, crazy. Pick an excuse any excuse at all and I've used it lately. Actually, I do have a good one. The grandchildren have taken up an awful lot of my time and left me with little time for art. They will be away all next week so I'll have no excuse to not get into the studio and catch up with my unfinished projects. I have a fun swap with the YAHOO group, "In This House and Garden". We are creating a Main Street with blocks of wood. Below is the front of block #1.

The back is a mosaic of mirrors which will be cleaned before being mailed off to our fabulous hostess Susie. I think that it still needs a little color with Perfect Pearls.

The sides are adorned with little scrolls .

One down and four to go!!!!

I was even late making a tag for my grandson to send with his Valentine goodie box. It has to go to Hawaii. I don't think it's going to get there in time. Bad Nana, losing points again.

Late chocolate is better than no chocolate at all!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Hello Joyce,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments. You asked if you may use the mosaic of trailer images I have on my site from yesterday. I created this collage from images on Flickr. I'm sure you can use the image as long as you give credit to the original photographers. Thanks.

  2. Love these pieces.

    You have a really awesome blog. Happy Valentine's day to you. My family and I made some really neat heart bags. I hope you'll come and take a look and look around the blog a little while you're there and see if it's one you'd like to bookmark so you can come back. It's kind of new, but I have lots of great things planned. So stay tuned. Thanks, and have a great day.


  3. You did an amazing job on this block. I really love the idea with the mirrors too. I will call you later tonight and catch up on your calendar.

  4. I love this block! I hope you are getting to do some art this week :) thanks for stopping by my blog today, you are right about that photo exercise, it is good for all ages!