Friday, February 19, 2010

Blocks Two and Three

Block number two is: "Brook's Books". I am really enjoying this swap from the Yahoo Group, In This House and Garden. At first I thought I would never be done in time. I now seem to be on a roll and have only two more to go.

I added a little 3 dimensional book to the back.

The roof, door, and corners are done in embossed metal.

Block number three is: " Polly's Petals", a sweet little flower shop. My work sometimes tends to get a little too cute, which drives me crazy, but I finally accepted the fact that's just how I see things.

I wish I had the time to make two of each so that I could keep one. Oh well, you just have to let go and send your art out into the world. It's good to know that they will go to others who appreciate what you do. Can't wait to see what ends up in my mailbox at the end!


  1. Joyce,
    I love them both! I also had planned to make two of each but it just didn't work out! Maybe I'll get one of yours in the swap:)

  2. Joyce, are so right about The Artistic Mother's group being relevant for the Nana's of the world, too. So sorry I didn't think of that before as I am not in that stage of life yet. I appreciate your pointing it out. I have just amended my post to include grandmothers. Will you be joining us?

  3. These are wonderful. I especially love the first one. I recently saw blocks covered in old ledger paper, and fell in love. You have to show me how you create these.

  4. Joyce,

    I wanted to welcome you as my newest follower of my art blog. I also see you have placed me on your blog list. Thank you.

    I had a quick question. Are you going to be officially joining our group, The Artistic Mother, and go through the 12 projects with us? I just wanted to be clear so I will know whether or not to add you to the list with a link to your blog. Thanks so much.

  5. Joyce.

    I am thrilled that you are joining us. We must have at least one Nana in our group.

    You can get the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as other bookstores. Don't worry about keeping up. Just do your best. One of the reasons for going through the book together is so we help each other get into the habit of doing something artistic each day and to carve out that time in our busy schedules. This is a low-pressure group. We will try to stay together, but no stress if you can't keep. Just keep on going, blog about your progress and go to the other blogs to see how they are coming along. We will support one another during the ups and downs and cheer each other on.

    We will probably spend two weeks on each project to give us all a chance to hopefully get it done. The important thing is to try your best and don't give up even if you get behind. Do not let yourself get discouraged.

    You are passing a wonderful gift on to your granddaughter doing this with her. Something she will always treasure. You are such a good Nana.

    So now it's time to do a post about this wonderful group project that you are now involved in. Please be sure to tell them to come to my blog to get signed up and to read about all of the details. Get your book, start reading it and make your background papers. The how-to is demonstrated in the book. We will use them in some of the projects and try to be ready to go on Saturday, March 6th. If you aren't ready yet, jump in as soon as you can.

    And remember to blog about your progress each weekend and mention the other participants with a link to their blog in each weekend post, or put their links in your sidebar if you don't want to go to the trouble to list them all each time. Just remind them to look in the sidebar each week when you do your post so they can click around and see how everyone is coming along, be inspired to do art themselves and maybe even join in the fun. Check back here often for an updated list of participants as the list will grow.

    Again, I am so glad you could join us.


  6. Yea! You got our book.

    You are setting a wonderful example for all grandmother's everywhere. Thank you.