Tuesday, February 1, 2011

 Snow is Just a Four Letter Word!

A dear friend of mine from Florida sent this to me. She knows me so well. I will keep this image forever. I am so over this winter already and there's a lot more to come! I'm California dreamin.......


  1. ha ha ha this is so funny..I love the WTF comment! We dont want any more snow over here either. I like your alterable book you did recently

  2. Ditto!. Joyce, my family room ceiling is ruined. The icicles on the roof are dripping along the fireplace outside on the deck. As they drip they are streaming into the family room ceiling. Yikes, I have five feet of ice and snow on the deck. Little Cocoa walks on the ice because she is so light. It's hysterical, I think she is going to slip right over the deck fence.

    I feel like we are living in the Ice Age!

    Hope you had a good time today. The weather was better than I thought. Yet, the night is not over.


  3. Someone emailed this to me too! It made me chuckle.

  4. HA! That is SO funny! Thanks for your sweet comment and for the laugh! I hope you have a wonderful day full of hearts, roses and grandchildren tomorrow ;) xoox

  5. Thank you Joyce! I hope you had a great day! xoxo