Monday, August 8, 2011

What a Fabulous Summer Journey

    I can't believe that our "Summer of Color" is finished. Time flies when you're having fun. The artwork was amazing and meeting new and kindred spirits was beyond priceless. Many thanks to Kristin of "Twinkle, Twinkle" for hosting this incredible event.

   This week was about birthday cards. Next week I hope to start on the projects that I have racing around in my head inspired from all the beautiful work that I have seen over the past ten weeks.

   Happy Birthday Dylan!

   Happy Birthday Ian!

   Happy First Birthday Larrah!!!

  Looking forward to our "Summer of Ice Cream Colors" in 2012!


  1. Oh, look at her! She really does remind me of mine ;) Thank you for all of your beautiful work this Summer - it has been so much fun and I have loved having you be a part of it. Thank you for everything and "talk" soon, xo
    (beautiful cards too ;)

  2. Your cards are amazing! And that little girl is a pure doll! :-)

    You had asked what state I'm "yard-sailing" in.. its California. Fresno, California to be exact. I check Craigslist all week long for yard sales, and make a list of ones I want to hit on Saturday--- and it seems to always work for me!
    (I would have replied via e-mail but you have a "" email address)

  3. Gorgeous cards Joyce... they are wonderful... and what a sweetie... beautiful pic...

    Jenny x

  4. adorable and lovely work

  5. Lovely and how precious is this photo!

  6. Beautiful cards. With all your lovely Grand kids, it's no wonder you had a beautiful summer. Love that last photo!


  7. The bus!! I bet she is excited! It's all so sad and sweet at the same time - here's to them both conquering 1st grade! xoxo

  8. Thank you! I KNOW - your little one looks a lot like mine! Kate is absolutely adorable - Hope she loves school and the bus ride! xoxo