Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"The Artistic Mother" Project #3

I have been learning so many new things traveling with this amazing group of talented women as we work together on the projects in Shona Cole's wonderful book. Each new project opens up new ideas and inspires new creativity. For me this project was learning to be patient, to wait for ideas to come naturally.

It is always amazing to me how an unruly jumble of art supplies can magically transform itself into such an awesome work of self expression. What looks like a pile of unorganized stuff is actually planned chaos.

This is what the pile finally became. It seemed to take forever for my vision to take shape. I had many ideas of where I might take this, but was never quite happy with them until last night. Suddenly i'm off and running, it just seemed to come out of nowhere.

I am so glad that I waited for the muse to come to me instead of forcing myself to meet a self imposed deadline. I am really loving this piece.

The little girl in the photo was me way back in Nov. 1956. It's one of my favorites.

It was so fabulous to use the handmade papers that we learned to make at the beginning of the workshop. I'm definitely going to be making a lot more of these.

It's all about goals. Those that you reach quickly and those that you work towards for a long time. Whether or not you get there, taking the journey is half the fun.


  1. I am crazy about your banner!!! I love exciting. I loved that you hand wrote your banner, and adding all your little extras, great.

  2. absolutely love it. the old hanger is such a clever & unique idea. i wish i had come up with it!
    great from top to bottom...:)

  3. I love your banner. What an adorable picture of you as a child.

    That's how my table looked when I was making mine. I had stuff spread all over it trying to decide which elements to include. It took me a long time to come up with my vision and goals, but it finally came together.

    You did an awesome job. I love how to the point all of your goals are.

  4. Love your banner and I just love the hanger idea- it's suh a great idea! I'm in awe of all the wonderful banners I see around the blogosphere. What a creative group of women!

  5. What a gorgeous banner Joyce. The hanger idea is great for this. Sorry I missed you today at class. Linda was so kind she applied the credit for June's class. I am leaving tomorrow for Vermont to see my mom and then I will drive back Sunday to be with my daughters.

    Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day.

  6. lovely Joyce :)

    happy mother's day


  7. The handmade paper banner is really nice. I love the hanger too and happen to have one that I've been saving for 'something'. Good luck with your goals!

  8. Joyce, you asked about that post on the Bind it All... here is it
    it was back in January!!! how time flies.

  9. like your banner..mine is coming in handy to sort of make me focus as often I have too many arty ideas in my head to get anything the last couple of days I have ticked off one of this months goals which is make loads of birthday cards (I dont really like making cards so glad this is