Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Artistic (grand) Mother :
Project #1

The studio is finally dried out after all the rain we've had. I couldn't wait to get started following the workshop section of Shona Cole's book: "The Artistic Mother". I am taking my granddaughter Kate along with me on this fabulous journey. She is my little artist. The journal is to keep track of her artful journey. She is already a little crafty diva and wants to try everything. Yeah Kate!

My daughter and her two children have moved in with us after a rough divorce and we've been trying to fit three more people into our little house. My studio has been split in half so that she could have her own room. This week the wall between the two rooms has finally gone up so that I now have a dedicated space of my own again.

As you can see I have a real issue with being organized. I can't function without it. This isn't even the half of it. Maybe someday we'll go on a tour. Like I said, I have issues.

I had so much fun with the background papers. It was different to just play. It's something I've been working on for a while. Hopefully I'll find more time to play again.

Little by little the more that I worked on Kate's journal the deeper into supplies I got. This kind of chaos I like!

This is my finished project. A journal to keep Kate's progress as an artist from the very beginning and a record to help her remember when she made art with her Nana.

I would love to hear feedback on this project. Is it done? Is it too cute? I tend to stray to the cute side. On to project two.


  1. Oh, as soon as I came here and saw Kate's face as said "aaaaah" out loud. She is the cutest, and you are wonderful to journal her journey through art. Someday when she is a famous artist, she will remember that you inspired her to follow her dream. I love that wall, your space looks incredible.

    I have an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. eeek, he is so cute, he loves ballroom dancing and cigars and wine. Sounds like he loves life and gives life. He has a really cool web site. My kind of guy. I am definitely up for Alice this weekend.


  2. I think it's great that you are so organized. It think it's hard to function and think clearly in chaos, and not to mention, find our supplies.

    What a wonderful gift you are giving to your granddaughter to allow her to do the art projects with you. The journal you made for her is beautiful and so are your papers.

  3. Joyce, I wanted you to meet the other grandmother in our group. She's a lovely person.


  4. Oh Joyce, that you are doing this, sharing your space, for your daughter and grands is just so heart-warming! And I love your journal for your granddaughter. There's no such thing as "too cute" either!! :)

  5. hi, joyce......
    the journal is adorable. if it is meant for a little girl, how can it be "too cute?"
    i have to say i love your background papers. they look like something store bought!!!(indeed, you've been having some crazy weather back there. we can't recollect it every being like that...being originally from nyc).
    just wanted to drop by & say "hi!!!" stay safe...:)

  6. i love your book and your gd is too darn cute...hope your daughter and her littlies are coping...what a lovely thing for your daughter to get involved with too...it will be great for her to take her mind off things and focus on relationships that are good...take care and looking forward to your next project...xxx

  7. what a blessing, and what a great idea! I have one son who has the same artistic bent that I have... you are an inspiration to get a journal started with him! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I think the journal is perfect! How fun to do this with your grand daughter. BTW, I have those shelves in my room; don't you just love them?