Monday, December 28, 2009

Nanas pick of the week

There is a new blog to inspire and enjoy in the world of mixed media. Collage-Making Directory
is all about things artistic and wonderful. It lists the blogs of artists of all things collage. Other artistic mediums are included as well. Click by and check it out, and definitely be inspired!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trecking to Concord, Massachusetts.

"Nesting on Main" is my favorite shop in the world. Whenever I am able to travel to Concord it is the first place I go.

I have the best friends. People in the art world are just different from everyday people. They just get it. They don't look at you like you've come unglued when you need to get away for "Mental Health" days and spend a day looking for ways to be inspired.

I love hanging out with my friend Karen. We are definitely kindred spirits. We have found the most wonderful places to renew our creative selves. Last weekend we went to Vallaincourt Art to see Charles Dickens's great, great grandson perform a "Christmas Carol". It was so magical. This weekend it was Concord, Mass to visit Louisa May Alcott's house for a Christmas celebration with the "Alcott" family.

I can just imagine Louisa sitting in the window seat dreaming up her wonderful stories.

This is the school where Louisa's father taught his philosophy.

Every room in the house was witness to their artistic achievement. There are still original paintings and drawings on the walls.

When we left we were greeted by a tiny snowman made by a guest. He fit the mood of the day perfectly.